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This is one of our most sought after resource. We have had 100s of request for our Power Point presentations. So finally we have heard you! Here it is. You can now buy the 36 Powerpoint files in a single ICND 1 bundle! This zip file contains:

Series Introduction
Day 1: Network Fundamentals
Day 2: OSI-TCP/IP Model
Day 3 AM: IP Address V4
Day 3 PM: Subnetting
Day 3 LN: Supernetting
Day 4: Internetworking Devices
Day 5: Connecting to a Cisco Device
Day 6: Filling the Gaps
Day 7: F.A.Q
Day 8: Welcome to the Switching World
Day 9: Real World Switching
Day 10: Port Modes and Functions
Day 11: VLAN Foundation
Day 12: VLAN Advanced
Day 13: VLAN Configurations
Day 14: VTP, Pruning and Native VLAN
Day 15: Switchport Security
Day 16: Setting up a Small Office
Day 17: Review and Roadmap
Day 18: Routing Basics
Day 19: Introduction to the Router
Day 20: Static Routing
Day 21: RIP Routing
Day 22: RIP – Advanced
Day 23: Routing Advanced
Day 24: IP Address v6
Day 25: IPv6 Advanced
Day 26: DNS & DHCP
Day 27: ACL Introduction
Day 28: ACL Extended
Day 29: NAT & PAT
Day 30: Troubleshooting
Day 31: CDP, Syslog & NTP
Day 32: Password Reset & Licensing
Day 33: Ready for ICND1

Disclaimer: Since this is a digital product, there will be no physical goods shipped. Items once bought cannot be returned or refunded. Your purchase of this product implies that you have read and understood this disclaimer.


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