Our new website is READY! It is 3 years since we first uploaded a video on YouTube. When we uploaded that video, we had absolutely no idea that it would be so loved by so many students and we would go on to record 35 more videos (as of today) for the channel. Today with over 6 million views and students from all parts of the world, our belief has strengthened that there is a need for quality online training that is also affordable.

Recently there was an article in one of the major publications that the online education industry is going to be a US$2 billion industry by 2020. More and more people are going to consume contents and learn using the power of the internet. So we at NetworKing Inc. have decided to improve our website and start by assisting our fellow students.

We have upgraded our front-end recently and now we have almost finished upgrading our backend – our new website is ready now. With enhanced security features, SSL certificates, and Online Shopping, we will make our websites the only source required for getting your certifications. Our CCNA 200-120 series will be FREE for life. We want more and more students to benefit from the course. Additionally, we will have extra resources, labs, cheatsheets, and other learning materials that you can download from our new website.

We are in the process of developing more courses on CCNA Security, CCNA DC, Web Development, Ethical Hacking and many more. Stay tuned and Happy Learning!

We recently announced in our video that we are yet to decide if we would keep ICND 2 FREE or not. That is because our costs of creating and maintaining this course is expensive and we had to find a source to fund the series.

When we started this CCNA series way back in 2013, we were not sure how or where this channel would reach. As more and more people started liking and sharing our videos, we realized it is helping a lot of people. But we had one problem – Imran did not have enough time to dedicate to this series full time. So the number of videos uploaded every month were very minimal. Also creating more quality content need to upgrade our existing infrastructure. The only way was to either charge students or get donations. So last week, we announced that we have enabled ‘Donation’ links through which you can donate to us. Many of you wanted to support us and have sent us donations. Many have asked to keep the series FREE. And we listened!

Our ICND 2 course will also be available for FREE to watch on YouTube just like ICND 1 (36 Videos). Please go to our CCNA page for more detail. But please note, downloading the video is still a copyright offense. You are FREE to watch it on YouTube forever.

As for our donors, we would be sending you FREE shop credits or coupons (double the value of your donation) to be used on our website. (If you have already donated and have not received your shop credit coupons, please contact us and we will issue your coupons). Our new website will have online shops where you can download practice labs, video companion resources, cheatsheets and many more. Stay Tuned!