Our new website is READY

Our new website is READY! It is 3 years since we first uploaded a video on YouTube. When we uploaded that video, we had absolutely no idea that it would be so loved by so many students and we would go on to record 35 more videos (as of today) for the channel. Today with over 6 million views and students from all parts of the world, our belief has strengthened that there is a need for quality online training that is also affordable.

Recently there was an article in one of the major publications that the online education industry is going to be a US$2 billion industry by 2020. More and more people are going to consume contents and learn using the power of the internet. So we at NetworKing Inc. have decided to improve our website and start by assisting our fellow students.

We have upgraded our front-end recently and now we have almost finished upgrading our backend – our new website is ready now. With enhanced security features, SSL certificates, and Online Shopping, we will make our websites the only source required for getting your certifications. Our CCNA 200-120 series will be FREE for life. We want more and more students to benefit from the course. Additionally, we will have extra resources, labs, cheatsheets, and other learning materials that you can download from our new website.

We are in the process of developing more courses on CCNA Security, CCNA DC, Web Development, Ethical Hacking and many more. Stay tuned and Happy Learning!


  1. Mark daniel Kintu says:

    Am yet to do my exam, waiting for the outcome.

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